JOYO R-08 CAB BOX Amp Modelling Effects Pedal
JOYO R-08 CAB BOX Amp Modelling Effects Pedal
JOYO R-08 CAB BOX Amp Modelling Effects Pedal

JOYO R-08 CAB BOX Amp Modelling Effects Pedal

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JOYO CAB BOX is a cabinet modeling pedal, with IR loading supported. It has 4 tube power amp simulations, 20 cabinet models and 11 classic microphone models. Regarding the IR, apart from 20 preset loading locations, it also supports storing 10 third party IRs, you can connect to the PC through the USB, and use the matching software to edit tones and update firmware, load or delete third party IRs. JOYO CAB BOX has more interface, much bigger screen with more buttons compared with rival’s similar products, it’s quite user-friendly.

Controllers: Master, Select, Power Amp, Cab/Mic, EQ, SAVE, HOME, LED Toggle

With no battery compartment

Supports both Windows/Mac OS

IR sampling info:
IR file format: WAV
Sampling accuracy: 24bit
(supports 16/24/32 bits third party IR files)
Sample rate: 44.1kHz
Sample’s length:1024pts
◆ 128 tone store positions, supporting MIDI controlled devices changing tone real time.
◆ Different interfaces are suitable for various venues.
◆ DI balanced output: for connecting to the mixer, sound card recording during live performance.
◆ Headphones: Stereo headphones output for home practice.
◆ Thru: Can connect to amp’s FX LOOP or other cabinet simulation devices for stereo output.

Effect types Cabinet simulator, Power amp simulator, IR loader
Effect numbers 20 Cabs, 11 Mics, 4 power amps, 20+10 IR slots
Controls Master, Select, Power amp, Cab/Mic, EQ, Save, Home
Footswitchs 2
Input Jack 6.35mm
Output Jack 6.35mm mono+ XLR + 3.5mm stereo
Input Impedance 2.2MΩ
Output Impedance 470Ω
XLR Output Impedance: 470Ω
Headphones Impedance: 35Ω
Rated current consumption 300mA
Working Voltage DC 9V (center minus)
Signal Bypass Type Bypass
LED Mod Sync, Always, Off
Battery powered No
Dimensions 130*110*50mm
Weight 418g