About Lazer Music


Established in 1994, Lazer Superior Instruments Inc. ( Lazer Music ) was primarily created with the simple objective of fulfilling the need of the local guitar industry in Northern Luzon and Visayas Regions for guitar parts and accessories. However, the growing popularity and rampant development of music generated a demand for alternative sources for musical instrument procurement. Instrument players and music enthusiasts were in search of an outlet that is both credible and reliable. Lazer Music responded by opting to expand its product line to a complete selection of musical instruments. Subsequently, Lazer Music was able to contribute assistance and become an instrument in the widespread love and celebration of music.

In November of 1995, Lazer Music opened its first branch in SM North EDSA with only 7 employees; four sales personnel and three office staff. The branch initially offered a display of the available products, music lessons and a band practice studio. With the public’s enthusiastic response, Lazer Music was able to further pursue its mission by opening a second branch in SM Fairview after a year.

Presently, Lazer Music remains motivated; employing over 150 personnel, accommodating more than 60 dealers and operating 21 retail outlets located in different shopping malls nationwide. Furthermore, the brand offers a wider and steadily flourishing collection of brands of musical instruments and accessories. Lazer Music’s progress and growth is mainly attributed to its fair management, high quality and affordability of products, team of highly trained staff and passion for extending the love of music. For years to come, Lazer Music shall continue to persevere in broadening its reach and enhancing its service for music lovers everywhere.




In its 23 years of service, Lazer Music has always been a customer-focused organization, maintaining its core value of prioritizing customer satisfaction over revenue. Lazer Music holds great value in constituting friendly and loyal relationships through proper assistance and participation in determining what’s best for the customer.




Our mission is to maximize and nourish the potential benefits arising from the love of music. With this in mind, the goal is to further develop our range and scope through establishing additional branches and distributors. Beyond that, Lazer Music aims to equip musicians with the best available products by constantly updating and providing access to new and innovative products.




Since opening its doors to the Philippine market, Lazer Music, along with its customer-friendly staff, has always envisioned itself as a devoted supporter of the local music industry and a leading provider of high quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories with an ample array of brands for music lovers in all places.