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Randall RG412SE-U 4x12 160W Guitar Speaker Cabinet
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Randall RG212E-U RG212 2x12 100W Guitar Speaker Cabinet (Black)
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Randall USM-KH120RHS Kirk Hammett Signature Series 120W 4x12 Guitar Half Stack
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Randall USM-RG8040E RG8040 75W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp
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Randall RG1003HE-U RG1003H High Gain FET 100W Solid State Guitar Head (Black)
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Randall RG1503HE-U 3 Channel 150W High Gain FET Solid State Guitar Amplifier Head
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Randall RD212-V30E-U RD212-V30 Diavlo 2X12 Angled Guitar Cabinet Speaker (Black)
Randall RD100HE-U RD100H-U Diavlo 100W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head
Randall USM-RX120RHS 120W Half Stack Head With 200W Angle Cabinet
Randall KH120RHSE-U Kirk Hammett Signature Series 120W 4x12 Half Stack
Randall KH15E-U Kirk Hammett Signature Series KH15 15W Guitar Combo Amplifier
Randall NB15E-U Nuno Bettencourt Signature NB15 15W 1x6.5 Guitar Combo Amplifier (Black)
Randall USM-RBD30BTE Big Dog Bass Amplifier 30W
Randall RBD30 Big Dog 30W Bass Amplifier
Randall RBD25 Big Dog Guitar Amplifier 25W
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Randall RBD15 Big Dog Guitar Amplifier 15W
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