Istanbul RMS20 Mehmet Cymbals Custom Series Sultan 20-Inch Medium Ride Cymbal

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Product Description:
Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet offer a range of Sultan cymbals, available in a variety of sizes and styles so that you can select the perfect cymbals for your setup. The Sultan series of cymbals are a combination of the Traditional series and the Turk series from Istanbul Mehmet, combining the two to produce a mixture of tone that sits perfectly in between the two. All Sultan cymbals feature a concentric circle lathe on the top of the cymbal, with lathed and unlathed sections, and an unlathed bottom surface which provide a range of different dynamics and a dryer tone with a shorter sustain compared to fully lathed cymbals.

- Crafted from premium B20 bronze alloy
- High quality, medium weight construction
- Medium weight offers balanced, versatile tones
- Available in a range of sizes and cymbal types
- Classic handmade design, manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey
- Perfect for a wide range of drumming styles and genres

- Cymbal Type: Ride
- Alloy: B20 Bronze
- Size: 20''
- Finish: Concentric Circle Lathed & Unlathed Top, Unlathed Bottom