The Vibe of the Parlor Body

There is something to be said about the sound, feel and vibe of an acoustic parlor body guitar. It isn’t ideal for strumming big-sounding open chords like on a dreadnought or playing blazing single-note lines up and down the neck like one would on a cutaway grand auditorium. But it has something different: character. Cort’s new Luce L900P-PD embodies our vision of what a quality parlor body acoustic should look, sound, feel and play like. Learn More Now

Here Comes the Cover Model

Cort’s Artisan Series basses are the cover story subject of Germany’s highly respected Bass Quarterly Magazine. The magazine article provides an in-depth look at the well-regarded Artisan basses. The conclusion from the magazine is that the Artisan basses measure up to boutique-level basses that professional players need. Learn More Now

Jeff ‘s Super Trio Performance

Cort artist and endorsee Jeff Berlin recently shared a video clip from his performance in Buenos Aires that also featured jazz-rock drum legend Billy Cobham and fusion guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson. The tune is the fusion staple ‘Stratus’ from Cobham’s classic album ‘Spectrum’ and is noted for its amazingly memorable bass line. Learn More Now

Guitar of the Month: G260 Alder

The new Cort G260 Alder is a modern take on the timeless classic bolt-on electric guitars from the 60’s. The defining wood combination of this era was alder body on a maple neck with rosewood fretboard. This wood combo has been time-tested for over five decades and remains as popular as ever on production guitars as well as high-end custom jobs. Learn More Now

ARIA-101 Featured at UK Guitar Magazine
ARIA-101 Featured at UK Guitar Magazine

ARIA-101 Featured at UK Guitar Magazine

PageSuite Professional :: Reader

PageSuite Professional :: Reader






Bombino Featured on Premier Guitar 

Guitar virtuoso and Cort artist Bombino is getting a lot of press these days. No, he’s not another million-notes-per-second shredder but a tasteful all-around player who was weaned on the likes of Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana – the influential players whom Bombino is now getting compared to. Check out the Premier Guitar article and interview for an in-depth look at a fascinating and fast-rising musician from Agadez, Niger. Learn More Now

In-Depth Review of the Artisan B5

The following is another video review of the Artisan B5 bass by the much-respected Bass The World. The folks at this renowned online bass publication know bass and know it inside and out. Again, we let this video review speak for itself about the new Artisan B5. We trust Bass The World to provide an objective and unbiased review and we’re sure you do too, so check out this video to see what they have to say! Learn More Now

New MBC-1 Color: Red Sparkle

The MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar has been a massive success for all parties involved: Matt Bellamy, Cort Guitars and Manson Guitar Works. Until now this model has only been available in the Matt Black color. To take this model one step further Cort Guitars recently introduced the Red Sparkle color to the MBC-1, giving it a colorful and sexy new look. Learn More Now

Jeff Berlin Clinic in Italy

Bassist extraordinaire and Cort endorsee Jeff Berlin, in conjunction with Markbass Amplification, conducted a unique clinic at the Markbass factory on June 9, 2016. The event was streamed live and the legendary bassist was able to interact live with Q&A not only with the participants at the clinic, but with fans from around the world viewing on the Internet. Here is the link to the video of the entire clinic. Learn More Now

Cort Dreadnought Acoustic Guitars

There is nothing quite like the sound of the mighty dreadnaught acoustic guitar. There are many kinds of acoustics with different body shapes, but when one envisions an acoustic guitar in his/her mind, the dreadnaught shape acoustic is the most likely to pop up. And this is all for a very good reason: the dreadnaught is the classic acoustic with the big sound, plenty of sonic projection… Learn More Now






 Interview With The Legend

Fusion guitar legend Frank Gambale needs little introduction. From pioneering the revolutionary sweep picking technique to working with some of the greatest jazz-fusion musicians in the world, Frank Gambale has always been about musical innovation and cutting-edge technique and musicianship. In the following interview, Frank talks about his new Luxe signature model acoustic-electric guitar and how it fits in with his musical vision. Learn More Now

In-Depth Review of the Artisan A5

The following is a video review of the Artisan A5 bass by the much-respected Bass The World. The folks at this renowned online bass publication know bass and know it inside and out. Again, we let this video review speak for itself about the new Artisan A5. We trust Bass The World to provide an objective and unbiased review and we’re sure you do too, so check out this video to see what they have to say! Learn More Now

A Video Introduction of GA5F-BW 

The following is the video lowdown of the new Cort Grand Auditorium GA5F-BW acoustic-electric guitar. We let this stunning new guitar speak for itself. Whether you strum luscious chords, fingerpick intricate counterpoint melodies, flatpick fiery single-note lead lines or all of the above, the Cort Grand Auditorium’s exemplary sonic balance and versatility will take you where you want to go musically. Learn More Now

Grand Regal is Now Available

Cort Guitars is pleased to announce its new Grand Regal line of acoustic guitars featuring various exotic woods that have never been used before in Cort’s production history. The new line debuts with the GA5F-MD but will include additional models to be released at a later date. The Grand Regal offers the clarity, tone, dynamics and playability that guitarists worldwide have come to identify with Cort’s acoustic collections. Learn More Now


Mooer New Arrivals!
Mooer New Arrivals!

Mooer New Arrivals!


Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a brand new release in Mooer’s Multi-Effects Processor product line. By using a completely new digital planform, GE100 will provide you with the most authentic, modern and rich tones. No matter it is stompbox simulation or amp simulation, or other effects which carry Mooer’s legacy, this Guitar Multi-Effects Processor will present all. GE100 has its unique and rich tones. With easy operation and versatile function, it can definitely help you to get your own unique sound!

Baby Water

Acoustic Guitar Delay & Chorus Pedal

This is Mooer new product—Baby Water, specially designed for those who love acoustic guitar. With high quality digital effect platform, you can get pure chorus or delay effect by gear rotary switch, can also get the effect interconnected with chorus and delay.

Baby Water offers five tones. Chorus reappear the classic chorus sound; TRI-CHI triple chorus makes the chorus effect more profound; ECHO mode offers you the warm sound like simulated delay effect; CH-DL gives you a chance to experience the effect interconnected with Chorus and Delay; DL-CH adds the Chorus sound based on the Delay effect. What’s more important, you could get similar reverb effect by adjusting the Time and Feedback Knob based on these two interconnected sounds.


Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal

If you are an Acoustic Guitar Player and are tired of the monotonous sound that comes out from your guitar and have the passion that nothing less than an electric guitar player — OK, then, please checkout this WoodVerb Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal. WoodVerb is a digital reverb pedal specifically designed for acoustic guitar players, its goal is to provide the users with the most direct experience of using the reverb effect. Do not get fooled by its Mini and mild outlook, WoodVerb provides three high quality and professional reverb modes as well as a wide variety of adjustment options. Let’s forget about those Room, Hall reverb that always follow the same pattern. WoodVerb provides you with REVERB — Splendid plate reverb which gives you an experience from the smallest room to the largest space; Mod — Adds modulation effect to the reverb and creates a psychedelic effect; Filter — Adds a sweeping filter sound to the reverb and makes it feel like a swirling wind…Of course you do not need to worry that your acoustic guitar will sound like an electric guitar, the special circuit design can keep the original acoustic sound intact and pure while achieving a fabulous reverb effect. WoodVerb will be a must in those acoustic guitar players’ tone arsenal.


Digital Organ Simulation Pedal

The new Mooergan recreates the organ sounds from the ’60’s and ’70’s at an incredibly affordable price. This pedal features 3 classic organ tones and tracks great. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you sound like an organ player.

Choose from 3 “classic” orgran sounds : Shining, Hard, and Vintage. The Dry, Organ, and Mod knobs combine to fine tune your sound and tone. The Dry knob adjusts the level of the dry guitar and the Organ adjusts the level of the organ effect. The two work together to control the mix between your guitar and organ. So it’s possible to have the guitar or the organ on top. It gives you a bit more options than just a mix control. And the Mod knob adds in a bit of vibrato for a more vocal sound.

DR’s VERITAS ™ a New Category of Acoustic Guitar String
DR’s VERITAS ™ a New Category of Acoustic Guitar String

DR’s VERITAS ™ a New Category of Acoustic Guitar String

DR Strings is pleased to announce VERITAS™, a revolutionary and patented new type of Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar string, with longer life and no surface coating or treatment.

Accurate Core Technology© (ACT©) is at the heart of VERITAS™ strings.  DR’s patented Accurate Core Technology© strengthens and perfects any variations of the core wire.  The core wire is far stronger and more accurate along its entire length for highly improved pitch stability and longer life.

Beta testing feedback was particularly positive, with players noting VERITAS™ strings’ robust and resonant tone, excellent sustain and extreme stability in alternate tuning applications, all at an affordable price point. VERITAS™ are available in standard Extra Light, Custom Light, Light and Medium gauged sets.

“I can play 4 or more concerts with one set of VERITAS™.  I used to play one concert with other strings,” notes Stefan Grossman.  “Love the way they sound,” adds Happy Traum.

DR VERITAS Flyer (1)-1

DR VERITAS Flyer (1)-2

Geezer Butler & Ashdown built for ‘The End’ and beyond…
Geezer Butler & Ashdown built for ‘The End’ and beyond…

Geezer Butler & Ashdown built for ‘The End’ and beyond…

We are extremely proud to welcome Mr Geezer Butler to the Ashdown family…

During the past 18 months we have been busy working on a number of new projects and custom rigs for various bass players, but none have been as exciting as this.
 After talking extensively with Geezer’s long standing tech, Terry Welty about Geezer’s touring needs, we had a few ideas for a solution, able to withstand the rigours of the road with some very specific features to meet his needs.


So, we got to work on a rig of Doom, destined for ‘The End’, based on our late great friend John Entwistle’s final touring set up, the premise was to be able to separate the high and low signals to suit his current custom stage cabinets which consists of 4 x 412’s and 4 x 215’s.

We took an original JE pre amp and came up with a few specific modifications; they needed to be able to split the signals to run 4 cabs for the full range signal into the 412’s so we modified the existing two-way crossover to a custom transformer derived crossover able to power 4 outputs to feed the two APM-1000’s that would drive his on stage 412’s.


This was also mimicked with an identical pre-amp and power amp configuration to power the Low pass signals for his 4 on stage 215’s. Geezer also needed a little more grit in his tone, so we increased the current to the pre-amps on board JJ-12-AX7 tube to give it much more of a rich harmonic distortion to suit his legendary tone.

This was quite a challenge in itself as many of the parts originally used to build Entwistle’s rig back in 2001 are no longer available. Luckily one of our engineers had squirreled away a small reserve of parts we had shelved in 2002 after John’s untimely death. So, we got to work and the result is seen below and is being used on stage for ‘The End’ tour. There needed to be two identical rigs due to the touring schedule, so in the end we built 9 custom power amps the APM-1000’s along with 4 Custom RPM-GB pre amps.


We are honoured to have such an in influential and legendary bass player using our amps, especially for this tour. Geezer has always had a very special place in our hearts as bass players, from learning his bass lines to perform at school assemblys in the 70’s to today when we stick on ‘NIB’ or ‘Hand of Doom’ in the office. Geezer laid a path for bass players around the globe, one so unique that to this day he continues to inspire new bass players. Setting a new standard in meaning of LOW-END.

For the past 3 years Geezer has also been using one of our CTM-15 drop head combos as his dressing room rig for his pre show warm up.

On Thursday18th February 2016 we flew over to Detroit to meet up with Geezer and Terry at their show to go through the rig, make a few cosmetic changes and make sure everything was working as expected. It was!… We had a great day running through the rig and changing the front panels to a new custom (just of Geezer) front panel with a new two colour screen with an off white border and a Sabbath purple overlay.


It was a long day having flown over from London the day before, but we got the rig built and ready before line check and sound check… Standing on stage in front of the wall of doom while it was being played really was very special, “ground shaking and devastating” is all we can say, a huge wall of tone with “lots of low end punch and definition. And the mids and top end were clear as a bell” – one person commented.


Post sound check we got to work on the rest of the rig to make sure all was good to send on tour across the world. Show time came and the excitement in the sold out Palace Arena in Auburn Hills was out of this world as they kicked into a greatest hits set, opening with the 1970 single ‘Black Sabbath’. The band were on fine form and wonderful to see them enjoying it as much today as ever before. This show was a special one for Tony Iommi who was celebrating his ‘49th’ Birthday. Ozzy led proceedings by singing Happy Birthday and presenting him with a Birthday Cake. They went on to perform an epic two-hour set full of classics.

After the show we had a nice chat with Geezer who was made up by the custom rig and excited to be using Ashdown on the tour. It really was an honour to shake the ‘hand of doom’ and be able to say thanks for the opportunity of working with him. As you can tell by Dan’s face, he was a little chuffed to say the least! It really does mean the world to us – being a small family run company and getting the opportunity to work with such a legendary bass player.


“It started nearly five decades ago with a crack of thunder, a distant bell ringing and then that monstrous riff that shook the earth. The heaviest rock sound ever heard. In that moment Heavy Metal was born, created by a young band from Birmingham, England barely out of their teens.

Now it ENDS, the final tour by the greatest Metal Band of all time, Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osborne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler close the final chapter in the final volume of the incredible BLACK SABBATH story.

Sabbaths’s farewell tour, ‘The End’ began on January 20, 2016 and it promises to surpass all previous tours with their most mesmerizing production ever. When this tour concludes, it will truly be THE END. The final chapter of one of most legendary bands in Rock ’n Roll history.” – Black Sabbath Press Release

We are proud to be a part of such a momentous occasion in the history of such a ground-breaking band.

“This combination of amp and preamp is the closest I have found to emulate the ‘old school’ sound I had in the 70’s, with its punch and clarity it has the sound of DOOM I love” – Geezer Butler

Keep an eye out on more news from the tour as it picks up its pace late into the year.
We would like to say a special thanks to Mr Geezer Butler, Terry Welty and Mike Clement for making this dream come true.

Click HERE for tour info.
Click HERE to download the interactive press release.
Click HERE to download high res images and text files from this press release.

Rotosound’s Free Strings On Instagram!
Rotosound’s Free Strings On Instagram!

Rotosound’s Free Strings On Instagram!

Free Strings On Instagram!

 Recently we announced our presence on Instagram, the fastest growing major social media network!

Now it is even more important that you make sure you and your dealers are following our page and sharing our special content!


We are running an ongoing consumer competition on Instagram where end users can win free sets of Rotosound strings!

The consumer takes a selfie with their favourite Rotosound string packs and posts it to Instagram for a chance to win a free set of strings.

The pictures need to be hastgagged #stringpackselfie and linked to @rotosound_uk and each week the factory will chose their favourite, who will then win a free set of Rotosound strings!

Please join us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook

Cort Earth Mini
Cort Earth Mini

Cort Earth Mini

Advanced Scalloped X-bracing

We have carefully scalloped the bracing on the Earth-Mini providing that big tone with the classic bang of vintage acoustics from the golden age of guitar building.

3/4 Scale

The 3/4 scale makes for a professional sounding travel guitar or the perfect first guitar for the young student.


  • Dovetail Neck Joint
  • N/A
  • 3/4 mini Dreadnought(82*101mm body depth), Solid Spruce Top with Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Mahogany
  • N/A
  • Rosewood, 43mm Nut Width
  • 20
  • 22 3/4″ (578mm)
  • White Dot
  • Die cast Nickel with Black Knobs
  • Rosewood
  • N/A
  • D’Addario USA EXP16 Light
  • Advanced X Bracing
  • Included Gig bag
  • Earth-Mini OP – Open Pore

Guns N’ Rotosound!
Guns N’ Rotosound!

Guns N’ Rotosound!

In 1987 Guns N’ Roses released their groundbreaking debut rock album Appetite for Destruction, which went on to become the biggest selling debut album of all time.

Driving along the hard-edged sound of the band was bass player Duff McKagan. Duff used Rotosound Swing Bass strings to achieve the distinctive, punchy sound heard on the album and has relied on our strings ever since!

“One constant in my ever-changing careers and thoughts on rhythm, has been my Rotosound Swing Bass strings. Nothing else comes close!”

– Duff McKagan

It was announced in December 2015 that the original Guns N’ Roses lineup featuring Duff will be reunited for the first time in 20 years to go on tour in 2016.

Following a successful NAMM show Rotosound’s Jason How was invited to attend the band’s rehearsals this week in Los Angeles, to meet with Duff and look to the future together.

Be on the look out for some exciting news from Rotosound later in 2016!