Graduation Giveaway 2019
Graduation Giveaway 2019
Graduation Giveaway 2019

Graduation Giveaway 2019


Promo Mechanics:

• For a minimum purchase amount of Php 10,000 single receipt (on the first purchase), you will be given a promo card.

• You can immediately claim the premium that corresponds to your purchase amount.

• The promo card shall have five (5) tiers with respective premium/s:

1. P10,000 – 29,999.99 – FREE 2pcs of Product T-shirts
2. P30,000 – 49,999.99 – FREE 2pcs of Perri’s Guitar Strap
3. P50,000 – 79,999.99 – FREE 1pc of Manhassett Music Stand or 2pcs Lazer Music Stand
4. P80,000 – 99,999.99 – FREE Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Guitar
5. P100,000 and above – FREE Lazer Keyboard or 1 unit of #Aria Acoustic Guitar.

• The promo card is transferrable.

• You can only avail of the premium of a tier once with every promo card. If your purchase falls under a tier for which the premium has already been claimed, no premium shall be given.

• If you already covered all 5 tiers, you shall be given a new promo card on the 6th purchase.

(Promo runs March 1 – 31, 2019 ONLY)

MOOER announces new flagship multi-effects at NAMM 2019
MOOER announces new flagship multi-effects at NAMM 2019

MOOER announces new flagship multi-effects at NAMM 2019

GE300 1

MOOER will be unveiling a final prototype of a brand-new addition
to their series of multi-effects processors for guitar, at the 2019 winter NAMM show.
The GE300 will be the new flagship model from MOOER and sports 108 digital amp models based on
MOOER’s non-linear amp modelling tech that provide a diverse range of incredibly accurate tones and
164 high quality effects that cover all the bases from your favourite stompboxes, plugins and studio rack
units. 43 optional factory cab sims will come pre-loaded into the unit but it also has a full featured IR
loader, capable of hosting all your favourite impulse responses that can be up to 2048 sampling points
An inspiring and unique feature MOOER have integrated into the GE300 is SYNTH ENGINE. A tri-voice
polyphonic synthesis module, which can transform your guitar into an electronic synthesizer without the
need of special pickups or instrument modifications. Each voice has options for wave form, pitch, filters
and arpeggiators.

GE300 2
TONE CAPTURE which debuted on the PREAMP LIVE from MOOER in 2018 is also included in the GE300,
but this time it has three different modes. AMP MODE allows you to sample and capture your real-life
amplifier, GUITAR MODE enables you to capture the EQ characteristics of your instrument and CAB
MODE provides an all-in one solution to sample speaker cabinets and create your own IR files.
All of these elements are packaged together with a whole host of professional control features and I/O
options that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find on a unit in this price range. Such as 10
customizable footswitch controls, programmable stereo effects loop, 30-minute looper station with
storable loop sessions, external device switching, direct USB audio and much, much more….
Although the GE300 is quite a complex machine built around two SHARC DSP chips and an NXP
crossover processor, it has an intuitive UI based on a similar user experience that can be found on their
GE200 unit which proves for fast and easy programming of presets. Be sure to stop by booth #4330 in
hall D to check it out and take one for a spin.
Street price, release date and further details to be announced soon…




GRAND PRIZE: Two (2) Guns N’ Roses Tickets – 3 winners

FIRST PRIZE: 1 set of Rotosound RS66LD – 3 winners

CONSOLATION PRIZE: 1 set of Rotosound R10 – 3 winners


  1. PURCHASE a minimum of PHP 500.00, single-receipt, of any combination of Rotosound products at any Lazer Music branch nationwide.
  2. POST/COMMENT a photo of yourself with your purchased Rotosound product/s on this thread/post.
  3. LIKE our page: www.facebook/com/lazermusicph and SHARE this post.
  4. FOLLOW us on Instagram:
  5. FILL-IN the necessary details:

(All entries that do no comply with ALL the requirements shall be disqualified.)


  • Last day of submission of entries will be on October 31, 2018, at 11:59 pm.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly via FB Contest app on Nov. 3, 2018.
  • A participant can only win once per category. In the event that a customer’s entry was drawn twice in the same category, the 2nd entry will be disqualified.
  • All prizes are transferable but not convertible to cash.
  • All winners shall be notified through provided contact details and list of winners posted on Lazer Music’s official Facebook, Instagram, and website.


  • To claim the prize, winners must present at least two (2) valid IDs with complete name, address, and picture along with the receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Prizes can be claimed at the Lazer Music head office located at 2nd-floor R&G Building Roosevelt Ave. cor M.H. Del Pilar st., Brgy. San Antonio, Pugad Lawin, Quezon City, Philippines 1105.
  • Redemption period for the Grand Prize shall be up top Nov. 10, 2018, and for the First and Consolation prizes, up to thirty (30) days from the date of winner announcement.
  • Prizes unclaimed within thirty (30) days shall be considered forfeited.
  • All Lazer Music employees, dealers, suppliers and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.


Micro Preamps 016.017.019 and more…
Micro Preamps 016.017.019 and more…

Micro Preamps 016.017.019 and more…


New Release


Soaring from the flames, the MOOER PHOENIX is a homage to modern, German designed metal amps. Punchy, dark lower mids, tight low end and gain on tap. The clean channel goes from crystal clear to crispy crunch. The gain channel provides everything from fat Rock rhythms, Heavy Metal riffs, and searing lead lines.

The ultimate in compact and versatile Californian combos comes to the MOOER MICRO PREAMP range. CALI MK IV re-creates 2 channels from one of the most famous modern-day session player combos. The clean channel is shimmering and bouncy and the gain channel can achieve purring blues tones, grinding crunch, and soaring lead sounds.

The CUSTOM 100 is modeled on a 100Watt, plexi-based, boutique signature amp. The dual channels span a wide range of EQ and gain settings which make this MICRO PREAMP incredibly versatile. The clean channel can achieve both F style American shimmer and UK style warmth. The drive channel is distinctly Classic British with a modern twist that provides a huge gain range. A great all-arounder.

More Product News


DOVYDAS has an exciting new unboxing video for the BLACK TRUCK.

Guided Tour By Scotty from MOOER

Scotty gives you an in-depth overview of the BLACK TRUCK straight from MOOER HQ.


Fusion master Fabio Moreira gives his take on the BLACK TRUCK including detailed demo and overview.

Taylor Danley

Taylor introduces the Micro Preamp 005 BROWN SOUND.

Chandler Guitar

Chandler takes you through the new Amp Models for the GE200.


Mooer Black Truck Press Release
Mooer Black Truck Press Release

Mooer Black Truck Press Release

MOOER releases new BLACK TRUCK

All-in-one pedalboard

Shenzhen, – AUGUST 8, 2018 – Following the success of last years RED TRUCK combined effects pedal, MOOER have been back in the tool shed to bring you the latest all-in-one pedalboard unit, BLACK TRUCK. Each of the MOOER truck products consist of a comprehensive selection of Stompbox circuits that are paired up with a loop switcher, tuner, FX loop and dedicated cab sim output, all neatly housed in a single road worthy unit, doing away with the inconvenience and expense of additional patch cables, pedalboard, and specialist power supplies.

Incredibly versatile and useful as a tool for all styles of music, BLACK TRUCK has been designed with a carefully selected array of popular analog pedals from the MOOER MICRO SERIES to make up the COMPRESSOR, OVERDIVE and EQ modules. A brand new “amp like” analog HI-GAIN distortion has been developed specifically for this product, which in itself, covers a huge spectrum of tonal possibilities. The analog modules are complemented well by a digital multi-modulation pedal and a digital ambience engine, simply named SPACE, which consists of a high quality digital delay and a stereo reverb.

Following feedback from last year’s release, BLACK TRUCK has an independent level control added to its dedicated cab sim output and a brand-new algorithm behind the tuner, providing more precise tuning at a faster speed than ever before.


  • 6 effects pedals built into 1 unit. Compressor, Overdrive, Distortion, EQ, modulation, Delay/Reverb
  • Built-in precision guitar tuner
  • Tap tempo synchronization
  • Integrated effects loop for connecting external pedals or 4-cable method connection with an amplifier
  • Stereo outputs
  • Dedicated direct output with speaker simulation and an independent volume
  • Control for connection to a mixing desk, computer or headphones
  • Includes a carry case for easy transportation



For 50 years now Cort has carefully crafted high quality guitars and basses. Our selection includes electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars. We are driven by the needs of players and excited about connecting with more musicians here.





A5 Plus SCMS video review by Bass The World

The new A5 Plus SCMS bass is the subject of a new video review by BassTheWorld. Cort’s first foray into the burgeoning world of multi-scale basses, the A5 Plus SCMS also features a single-cut design for added mass to the body and a downsized headstock with lightweight Hipshot tuners for an exceptionally balanced and comfortable instrument. Learn More Now


Review of the GB75JH by Bass Guitar Magazine

For the more traditional bass player who appreciates the benefits that modern technology offers, Cort designed and engineered the new GB line of basses to provide the best of both the traditional and modern worlds in a thoughtfully integrated package. The GB75JH is featured in a new review by Music Radar’s expert bassist and reviewer John McIver and points out the excellent features as well as the stunning value the instrument delivers. Citing high-quality workmanship as well as excellence in tone with 4.5 star rating, the GB75JH also gets high ratings for sonic versatility that can cover a wide range of musical genres and playing styles. Learn More Now


Cort Guitars Announces the Gold-O8

With the unveiling of the Gold-O8, Cort introduces the higher-end 8 Series to its best-ever acoustic guitar family. Designed with upgrades like Pau Ferro tonewood and an 8-Series abalone/mother of pearl inlay, the orchestra model Gold-O8 takes the high-quality tone that has defined the Gold series and raises the bar even higher with new upscale features. Learn More Now


Column: The Woods in the Electric Guitar

There is a widely held misconception in the electric guitar community that the woods in the electric guitar are not that important and that what produces a good electric guitar tone is solely dependent on the pickups. This can’t be further from the truth. The woods in the electric guitar mean a lot more to your tone that you realize. Learn More Now


Look Who’s Playing Rotosound Strings In 2018!
Look Who’s Playing Rotosound Strings In 2018!

Look Who’s Playing Rotosound Strings In 2018!

 Share Our New Poster!

Countless artists over the years have chosen Rotosound as their preferred string brand. We decided to gather a selection of prominent names using Rotosound in 2018 and put them on a cool poster for digital and print!


Click the poster above to download a high-resolution version and be sure to ask for posters on your next order!

Click here to download a version formatted for Instagram:

Please check you are following our social media pages and sharing our content. And be sure to use this new poster on your online channels.


60 Years of Rotosound! The BBC Profiles an Icon
60 Years of Rotosound! The BBC Profiles an Icon

60 Years of Rotosound! The BBC Profiles an Icon

We are 60!


From our humble beginnings making strings one by one on James How’s original winding machine, through decades of continuous innovation we have been faithfully serving the music industry for 60 years!


The BBC recently visited us to sample the groundbreaking music we are proud to be a part of, and see what goes into crafting the original British Sound:



Featured prominently in this report are our famous Tru Bass 88 strings; the original black nylon string designed by James How back in 1962.


Are your dealers putting Rotosound Strings into the hands of the next generation of music pioneers?


Do you have your 60th-anniversary campaigns ready to go?


We would love to hear what you are doing to celebrate this landmark year; please write to




For 50 years now Cort has carefully crafted high-quality guitars and basses. Our selection includes electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars. We are driven by the needs of players and excited about connecting with more musicians here.





Fishman contest to win a Cort Gold-A6 Acoustic-Electric signed by Ron Thal


The renowned pickup and electronics manufacturer Fishman has a giveaway contest running for the Cort A6 Acoustic-Electric signed by virtuoso guitarist Ron Thal, aka Bumblefoot.


This contest runs until the middle of March so don’t miss this chance to win one of Cort’s top-of-the-line acoustic-electric guitar that is signed by a true innovator on the guitar. Featuring premium materials, Cort’s ATV (Aged to Vintage) torrefaction process, sonically enhanced UV finish and Fishman’s Flex Blend with tuner and internal microphone, the A6 is one of the most versatile acoustic-electric guitars on the market today. Ron Thal’s signature is an awesome icing on the cake. Learn More Now


A media review of Cort’s 2018 Namm


The 2018 NAMM was a spectacular success for Cort in many ways. Cort introduced a bevy of new exciting guitars ranging from the all-new X-Series to the multi-scale fanned-fret KX500FF to name just a few. The Cort booth generated more traffic than ever before, aided by demo performances from world-class artists Jeff Berlin, Frank Gambale, Yvette Young and Hedras Ramos. The MI industry media stalwarts such as Bass Musician Magazine and Dabelly also visited the booth to conduct video interviews regarding the new products. Overall, it was a NAMM to remember and here are some photos and videos that capture the highlights. Learn More Now


The new Cort 200ATV(Aged to Vintage) Series


Some guitar players are strictly focused on the sound of their instruments. They have little interest in fancy visual appointments that have no effect on the tonal quality they seek. With these discriminating tone hounds in mind, Cort has developed the new 200ATV Series of acoustic guitars. Featuring Torrefied solid Sitka Spruce top and bracing, Ebony fretboard, genuine bone nut and saddle and Ebony bridge pins, and Pau Ferro back&sides, every aspect of the 200ATV is about getting the best possible resonance and sound. With the focus on sound, some deluxe appointments have been omitted but doing so also makes the 200ATV acoustic guitars a stunning value for musicians who prioritize sound quality above all else. Learn More Now


French magazine GuitarPart reviews the Cort M-Jet


Designed by Hugh Manson and crafted to the highest possible level of workmanship, the M-Jet is a no-frills solid body guitar that barks and rocks for the serious rock guitarist. After winning Best Buy Award from Total Guitar magazine in UK, The M-Jet was taken through the paces by the French guitar magazine GuitarPart and the review confirms what many in the industry has been saying since its introduction. Here are some highlights from the review: Learn More Now

Lazer Music is proud to present Mapex Drums!
Lazer Music is proud to present Mapex Drums!

Lazer Music is proud to present Mapex Drums!

Mapex Album

Are you ready for what’s coming? Lazer Music is proud to present Mapex Drums!

One of the big names in the Drum making industry is making a come back here in the Philippines. Versatility, durability and high performance. Designed and tailor-made for real drummers.





What Makes Us Different?


Most of us are musician’s too. Many of us are drummers. All of us love music. We get that you want awesome drums at a great price. But we also understand that the very act of playing is cathartic and transcends any brand. Look, we’d like everyone to play Mapex, but mostly we want fellow musicians to love playing. If we can help make that happen for you, we won’t let it end there.


We want your brutal honestly. We want your help in making Mapex drums the instrument that allows you to express yourself to the max.


We really enjoy what we do. We feel fortunate to be able to interact with other drummers every day.


What About The Drums?


It starts with the raw materials. Building the highest quality product initially depends on the expertise of those that select the the wood. Premium grade hardwoods like maple, walnut, birch and basswood are hand-selected from worldwide sources and are then matched by skilled experts to ensure that every drum Mapex produces carries with it the signature tonal and resonant properties that define the distinctive Mapex sound.


Let’s face it, looks are important too. All of our lacquer drums have eight-coat, hand-rubbed, high-gloss lacquer applied to each shell. Mapex finishes are durable, easy to maintain.


The details do matter. Our isolated tom mounting system ensures the sound you hear is all tom. From the bearing edges to the easy set bass drum claws, our dedicated artisans think like musicians and apply their expertise to creating a drum set that lets you focus on your playing and not on the equipment.


Every drum gets the same treatment. Regardless of price, we want every drum we craft to be built to exacting specifications. We want you to start out on Mapex and love it so much that when you make it big, you remember us.


We stand behind our instruments. Our artisans are relentless in designing and producing drums and hardware that can endure performance after performance. The result is a drum that you take on stage or into the studio with complete confidence.


Mapex Drums will be available in all Lazer Music stores this August 2017

For inquiries: